National Youth Assembly is a leading national mock parliament and youth think tank which is acknowledged by related authority of Government of Pakistan (License No. 690). This official recognition is the evidence of efforts and services rendered by the N.Y.A. family for the training of talented future leaders of Pakistan. Since its inception in august 2010 N.Y.A. is involved in various youth empowerment and learning activities at regional, national and international levels. It carries out various activities nationwide such as: youth parliamentary sessions, seminars in universities, and meetings with high level officials which directly benefits over 30,000 activists.

The N.Y.A. brought together members from more than 100 districts of the country with thousands of grass roots agents of change, (Youth councilors), with its effective organizational hierarchy from the top, to grass roots level. Young personalities of national/international fame such as world famous MalalaYousafzai, squash player Amir Atlas Khan, world record holders in academia Haroon Tariq, AbrahimShaid, and Roomasyadain are now part of our family. With a self-reliant national vision N.Y.A. has not only been recognized at the national level but also with the Commonwealth Youth Award which is one of the highest official awards of 54 Commonwealth countries. This prestigious award was presented to the President of the N.Y.A.,Hanan Ali Abbasi, for his excellence in “Youth Development Work.” The award was placed directly in to the hands of Hanan ali Abbasi by the Commonwealth International Secretariat. The National Youth Assembly and its’ President won this award for their outstanding contribution to our society.

The N.Y.A. also makes visits to different Governmental and political parties from time to time. We have formally visited: The Supreme Court of Pakistan where we met the Chief Justice, we have been to the Senate of Pakistan to meet the Chairman of the Senate, we have visited the National Assembly of Pakistan, the election Commission of Pakistan, the National Defense University, we have also been to the Governor Offices and embassies of different countries to observe the working knowledge of these organizations.

We are bringing you an exciting ‘Learning Journey’ which will help you become more decisive, more confident and more active in your local communities through various action-packed learning stages!


To develop young leaders in every field of life.


Our vision is to make young people powerful by practically involving them in the decision making process and fostering their leadership qualities. We see young leaders emerging nationwide using their influence to transform society, and we will accomplish this vision by providing with the finest youth leadership training and resources. Our goal is to nurture a leadership culture on all parts and parcel of the country. To be recognized as the premier resource centre for developing dynamic, innovative and principled leaders, who will drive Pakistan’s realization of its full potential.


To inspire, empower and equip a new cadre of Pakistani leaders by providing the skills and tools for personal, organizational and community transformation.


 The specific objectives of the NYA are to educate participants about the leadership, politics and democracy and to demonstrate how Parliaments are able:

•to make legislation, research papers and concept notes
• to debate matters of national and international concern in a supportive environment
• to demand accountability from decision makers;
• to introduce leadership through different activities
The debates in the NYA are meant to not only help the young members in their personal development as a useful citizen, these also serve the purpose of articulating views of the youth on vital issues facing the nation.